Наименование (name): Big Floppy People 2006 C64 Music
  Автор(ы) (authors): compilation
  Год (year): 2006
  Party: ?? in Big Floppy People 2006
  Картинки (pictrures):
  Платформа (platform): C64
  Дополнительно (additionally): 1. Prastens Dotter by Dino/Up Rough
2. Diskmachine by Goto80/Hack'n'Trade
3. Friday Life by Susanne/Durex
4. I've Lost It by Zyron/Oxsid Planetary
5. Deep Thoughts by Klegg
6. Reveko by Yoki/Up Rough
Insects by RadiantX
8. Drone City by Qwan/Up Rough
9. Vom by Jucke/Judas
10. I Could Eat A Knob at Night by Puterman/FLT
11. Amreps by Zzap69/NoName
12. War of the Local Sins by Johey/d4rkn3ss
  Дата добавления (added): 2006-08-20

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