Наименование (name): Impact Musix Disk 3
  Автор(ы) (authors): Impact (MSX)
  Год (year): 1992
  Party: ---
  Картинки (pictrures): 1 2
  Платформа (platform): MSX
  Дополнительно (additionally): Attention! Avoid to use the mouse (buggy menu)
Useful keys:
L = load (selection with cursors and spacebar); P = play; S = stop; A = switch MSX-MUSIC/MSX-AUDIO (to be used when no any music is running!); M = mouse activated (not recommended!); D = special screen (back to normal screen by spacebar); C = color effect; O = no any effect (looks like a joke); R = graphic effect; Q = reset
  Дата добавления (added): 2009-09-06

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