BITS #1005BITS ClubC64
 Lifework aka Hatework 2 - Born For BurningArise DesignC64
 Sounds of the Amiga #02 aka SOTA #02TriadC64
 Higher Sid eXperience, the aka THSXSIDwaveC64
 Richard Joseph Tribute, the aka RJ 2010OnslaughtC64
1th: Another BeginningOffenceC64
2th: We Are NewFairlightC64
3th: MekanixBooze DesignC64
4th: Cubase64MahoneyC64
5th: Frighthof aka Frighthoof 18 ;-)ArsenicC64
6th: PortalLepsi DeC64
7th: Year We Make Contact, theOnslaughtC64
8th: Exotic ExcitementCamelotC64
9th: PigometricsSecret Lab ProductionsC64
10th: Fu ChenAncients Pledge Inc.C64
11th: 16 Years MetalvotzeMETALVOTZE (VOZ)C64
12th: Topless (Party Version)Abyss ConnectionC64
13th: Chanel No. 64Arise DesignC64
14th: It's ColdRaiders Of the Lost EmpireC64
15th: MeatthingNuanceC64
C64 Graphics
1th: 25 Years of Yie Ar Kung-Fu aka Fan vs PoleVetoC64
2th: Must Ache the MoustacheExtendC64
3th: D.y.m.!Arise DesignC64
4th: DislocateOnslaughtC64
5th: Blood VanillaFairlightC64
6th: Still WaitingCrestC64
7th: Dreamlands GateArsenicC64
8th: 5.7FairlightC64
9th: GollumSITC64
10th: TigerExtendC64
11th: ErdkonigTriadC64
12th: Demoscene Logo aka Logo for Vision / The Lost BetFocusC64
13th: Mental FallPanda DesignC64
14th: Mrs. MurphyArsenicC64
15th: Captain' Nino's Show aka C=64? Yep!riskejC64
16th: Ancient CityKASikC64
17th: TV HoofdSilicon LimitedC64
18th: Boeser Alter MannCascadeC64
19th: DragonBlack SunC64
20th: SkullScarabC64
21th: CyborgAlmighty GodC64
22th: Hires Or DieArise DesignC64
23th: Don't TurnOozC64
24th: HeadgearArtstateC64
25th: HeadachePtoingC64
25th: Addicted to Addicted to C64 aka Addicted to AddieRavenC64
27th: Woe Baby You're a NagUkaC64
28th: DragontamerGrassC64
29th: Flying DragonJoodasC64
30th: Pixellicker aka Pixel-lickerhedningC64
31th: Elephant's NipplesLemingC64
32th: WitchbladeWarp 8C64
33th: Ride to EarthC64CamperC64
34th: Taking CareAbyss ConnectionC64
35th: BatmanJSLC64
36th: FlowLolitaC64
37th: Mushroom Chief?C64
38th: Painted Live @ XSebalozC64
C64 Music
1th: Bored Teenagers, Expensive ShoesRandallC64
2th: Evolver aka Hooray For Doing Things Like In The Old Days!ViruzC64
3th: x"jazz"bookerC64
4th: Stormy CityMETALVOTZE (VOZ)C64
5th: Manky The Toilet WarriorSounDemoNC64
6th: 8580 Doped Pigs aka Jeden Tag die Schnauze VollLinusC64
7th: F00king DMCPSycHo8580C64
8th: 242ConradC64
9th: X-2010KlaxC64
10th: Exten-sified_V_C64
11th: Golem (Compo Edit)Arise DesignC64
12th: Hold the Line aka Hold the SwineStainless SteelC64
13th: Richard Bayliss Is Not HerePanda DesignC64
14th: AluminumProsonixC64
15th: I'm Telling Ya aka Party StruggleMultiStyle LabsC64
16th: OctavariumArise DesignC64
17th: Wafadrive in 101ZZAP69C64
18th: Oceans of NibiruGheymaid Inc.C64
19th: InceptionSIDwaveC64
20th: Elephant's Huge NipplesLemingC64
21th: Finding a Way Back HomeBordeauxC64
22th: I Don't CareDigital Sounds SystemC64
23th: Tainted Love 8-bitStarionC64
24th: X JingleExtendC64
 Going To XOffenceC64