All Oxyron 2007 C64 GFXcompilationC64
 All Oxyron 2007 C64 MusiccompilationC64
 All Oxyron 2007 CommodorecompilationC64
C64 Graphics
1th: Skyclad GFXTriadC64
2th: Sed de SangreAlmighty GodC64
3th: PS2007 InfoExileC64
C64 Music
1th: Drop of Blue!, aSamarC64
2th: Enigmatic WaveNew Dimension, the (UK)C64
3th: Beano BatallionSamarC64
3th: Push It!Dreams, TheC64
5th: Fragments aka Train To NowhereLinusC64
6th: Postcard From IbizaPsycho (C64)C64
1th: Zenith Of PubertyElectronic Knights, theC16/C116/Plus4
2th: KnochentanzK2VIC20
3th: IsotopBauknechtWIN
4th: 8-Bit TerroristsDigital Sounds SystemC64
5th: N2C4Oxy07OnslaughtC64
6th: Swinging In 2007CivitasC64
7th: Da LameStoneheadAmiga
 15 Years Oxyron Party - InvitationOxyronC64
 15 Years Oxyron Party - PC InvitationOxyronWIN