20 Years TRSI LogoYazooC64
 Soleil VertLes Sucres en MorceauxAmstrad
1th: SnapshotGlanceC64
2th: Black Spark 90%Black SunC64
3th: AgielInversionC64
4th: Zak Is BackOnslaughtC64
5th: Dem Sudlander Sein VadderKackvotzeC64
c64 4k
1th: Dramatic PixelsPers' Wastaiset ProduktiotC64
2th: Rushed OrbResourceC64
3th: NineChorusC64
4th: Man With A Hat In BingenKaroshierC64
5th: RasterDoubler In 110 BytesAbyss ConnectionC64
C64 Graphics
1th: Daring DarlingResourceC64
2th: Don't Mess Up With MamaOxyronC64
3th: HeidiInversionC64
4th: Tough Guy At BreakpointCarrionC64
5th: ValravnMETALVOTZE (VOZ)C64
6th: Foen Fan aka Zarko, my son ! <3nadaC64
7th: Commodore RebornSampaguitaC64
8th: RunestoneFaqueC64
9th: BreakSebalozC64
10th: I Don't KnowMiraclesC64
C64 Music
1th: FlamethrowerFairlightC64
2th: KnucklebastardsTriadC64
8th: Intoxication BP 2010 MIXStainless SteelC64
12th: Arised StrataphormsDigital Sounds SystemC64
14th: Unsatisfied LoveGheymaid Inc.C64
15th: Wasted 80'sZerozillionC64
16th: One More TimeDavizionC64
 fr-033: like there's no tomorrowFarbrauschWIN
1th: BluREUCrestC64