4k gfx
1th: 2-Million-Polys-And-Some-MoonlightApocalypse Inc (Ainc)WIN
2th: Carnegiea GiganteaNeosparkWIN
3th: Jacubus The Serious CubeMETALVOTZE (VOZ)C64
4th: Der ThoraxMETALVOTZE (VOZ)GameBoy Advanced
4k pc
1th: SpaceSharks!Null OK (0ok)WIN
64k pc
1th: Fear The Invasion Of Smart CubesSome GodfathersWIN
2th: Elvis Died FatBrain ControlWIN
3th: Stop Watching Demos And Get A LifeOezgyr StudiosWIN
1th: Welcome To 4sceners.deMarshals (MRS)WIN
2th: Deepness In The Sky, a - Dark & Long RemixfxmWIN
3th: Darda 2005JRQ EntertainmentWIN
4th: Neperliva (Spleen2)Marshals (MRS)WIN
5th: AwakeSquoQuoWIN
6th: Rob Is JarigaardbeiWIN