Lordi Of The Great NationJumalautaWIN
 Simulaatio 2006 TinymusiccompilationWIN
64k pc
1th: IndigoTractionWIN
4th: OwlieWammaDOS
5th: ValtakunnanjohtajaWammaWIN
1th: Space RunAnanasmurskaWIN
2th: Amethyst - The PrequelTractionWIN
3th: Hello Kitty Disco ExperienceJumalautaWIN
4th: Rush Hour 2Next EmpireWIN
5th: Slack PlayMoonHazardWIN
6th: AchromatopsiaMfxWIN
7th: It's Been A While Since I Last Time Tried To Remember What You Have SeenfloWIN
8th: Jmagic On Kiva 81ISOWIN
9th: RujoISOWIN
10th: YdintuhoremixedandfixedISOWIN